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RST Home Drug Test – Marijuana Dollar General

Safely and easily use this RST Marijuana Home Drug Test and receive fast and accurate results. Each package comes with one Marijuana drug test kit. This Health Canada licensed drug test can detect the most common drugs within a shorter detection time. Simple to use, results can be quickly viewed within minutes. Readings are confidential with this Home Drug Test. They can help keep yourself or a family member safe. The results are 99 percent accurate.

Marujuana RST Home Drug Test Near Me : 7146 State Route 434 Apalachin NY 13732

Directions:  Using this test is as easy as 1-2-3. Using the collection swab, gently rub the tongue, cheek and gums. Hold the swab under the tongue. Insert it sponge down into the screening device. Read results in 10 minutes.

Checks for Marijuana
99 % Accurate
Fast results within 3 minutes
Confidential results
For in-vitro diagnostics use. For external use only. Store at room temperature. Do not freeze.

Dollar General # 18509

7146 State Route 434
Apalachin New York 13732
United States

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